Mediation is a form of dispute resolution. Mediation is an informal process in which the parties agree to work together, with the assistance of a trained neutral mediator, to explore their respective interests and generate options for resolving their disputes.  The mediator helps to facilitate communication, and has no power to impose a resolutions. Mediation is a flexible process that allows the parties to confidentially discuss any issues they choose to address, and determine the outcome.

There are some core principles of Mediation that help distinguish from litigation.

  1.  Voluntariness is the principle that acknowledges the parties’ right to freely enter both the mediation process and any agreement reached in that process.  The parties have the right to withdraw from mediation at any time.
  2. Informed consent is the principle that affirms the parties’ right to information about the mediation process, their legal rights and legal and social service options before consenting to participate in mediation or to the terms of any agreement reached in mediation.
  3. Self-determination is the principle that recognizes that parties to a dispute have the ability and right to define their issues, needs and solutions and to determine the outcome of the process without advice or suggestions from staff of mediators.  The parties have the final say as to the terms of any agreement reached in mediation.
  4. Impartiality/neutrality is the principle that affirms the parties’ right to a process that serves all parties fairly and equally.  This principle applies equally to mediators who must refrain from perceived or actual bias or favoritism, either by word or deed.
  5. Confidentiality is the principle that guarantees that all information received from the parties will be kept within the program, in order that parties will feel free to explore the issues and potential solutions.  Any exception to this guarantee shall be made clear to the parties prior to their consent to participate in mediation.

Our office charges $200 per hour for mediation sessions and drafting the mediation agreement.

Please contact our office for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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