Limited Assistance Representation

What does Limited Assistance Representation mean?

Limited Assistance Representation simply means that the attorney and client agree to limit the services that the attorney will provide. After consultation, we will determine whether a limited assistance representation or a full service representation is appropriate.

For example:

Sometimes a person is merely trying to understand their legal rights or the legal ramifications of a particular issue, and just needs an opinion letter analyzing the specific facts and outlining any legal consequences that may apply;

A client may decide that he/she just needs a demand letter written, rather than full representation for every aspect of their legal situation;

A person representing him or herself in court may only need help writing the pleadings or drafting a motion;

You need to have a will drafted, but agree to execute it on your own, following the explicit directions provided by the attorney in order to comply with the necessary statutory formalities.

If the attorney determines that a specific legal matter requires full service representation, the attorney will promptly refer the client to another attorney or firm so that all of the client’s legal needs are addressed.

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